Week 12 of 12: What I Did This Summer

October 8, 2013 § 8 Comments

Front before and after

Front before and after

If this was a grade school writing assignment, it might go something like this:  I lifted weights.  I rode my trike.  I made new friends.  It was fun.  The end.  Since grade school was long ago, let me expound a bit.

Darin Steen’s Fat Loss Lifestyle program is based on five areas of health and fitness:

1. Resistance Training – When I started lifting weights again I had a difficult time completing the workout.  I had no stamina.  The weights I used progressively got heavier until I had to join a gym, Impact Fitness in Bradley IL, because my abilities had exceeded my home equipment.

2. Cardiovascular Training – On day one, a 30 minute brisk walk was about all I could manage.  I progressed to riding my recumbent trike and adding sprint intervals to my ride.  The last few weeks I’ve been using an elliptical trainer at the gym.  I like it because it’s low impact on my knees and it really keeps my heart rate up.  I basically do a 5k on that thing in 30 minutes.

3. Nutrition – I’ve said before that nutrition has been the hardest part for me.  It’s also the area I have the least experience with.  I really never paid attention before.  I’m learning a lot and will continue to learn as I progress.

4. Goal Setting – I had three goals when I started.  a. Reduce body fat from 23% to 15% and gain 9 lbs of muscle.  b. Get off of my daily prescription medications. c. Look better in my clothes.  All of these goals were accomplished or exceeded in 12 weeks!  I actually gained 11.5 lbs of muscle, reduced my waist 7 inches from 48-41, and put almost an inch on my arms.  I made a decision when I started and there were real emotional reasons behind that decision.

5. Social Support – I started posting my intentions and progress on this blog specifically to gain some social support.  I gained a few followers who have been very encouraging.  That support made my progress easier because I couldn’t face the embarrassment of failure and I didn’t want to disappoint my new friends.

This isn’t the end.  There are new goals to be set and accomplished.  I truly have a new lifestyle.  I included pictures of mature bodybuilders in my posts because fitness is ageless and bodybuilding is the closest thing I’ve found to the “fountain of youth”.  I believe that we have the ability to extend our useful lives by decades using information that is already available.

Special thanks to Darin Steen, Mike Neumann, and Tammy White for your inspiration.  Thank YOU for reading my blog and providing the support I needed to get this far.  I love your comments.

Back before and after

Back before and after

For more information about the system that I am following go to fatlosslifestyle.com



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