Week 10: The Knee

September 15, 2013 § 2 Comments

Marshall Johnson @ 53

Marshall Johnson @ 53

My right knee has been bothering me periodically for several years.  I don’t think I ever injured it but when I would do something out of the ordinary, like go bowling, play tennis, or golf, it would get swollen and sore.  Since I’ve been exercising regularly it’s been regularly swollen and sore.  I decided it was time to get it checked out properly.

“Welcome to your late 40’s Mr. Jackson.  You may feel a little discomfort.” if I may paraphrase what the Orthopedic Surgeon had to say.  He examined my x-rays and told me that I’m starting to get some arthritis in my right knee.  He drained some fluid, injected some cortisone, and told me to stay off of it for a few days.  I’ll probably have to have this procedure done a couple of times a year.

I wan’t surprised by the results of our visit.  I’m thankful that my knee wasn’t injured because I plan to increase the weight that I lift substantially over the next few months.  I see no reason not to proceed aggressively.

Speaking of exercise, this blog has been mostly about nutrition because that has been the hardest part of my body transformation.  The exercise has been easy in comparison.  I love lifting weights and I’m learning to love my interval cardio sessions.

Weight training consists of a full body circuit style session of 16 sets in the 10-14 rep range.  I use compound movements specific to the chest, legs, back, shoulders, and arms.  It takes about an hour to get through those 16 sets including a 10 minute warm-up on the treadmill.

I especially like dead-lifts because it works the whole backside of the body at once.  It takes a tremendous amount of energy but there is a real sense of power when you pick up something heavy off the ground!  Awesome!

I can’t do pull-ups yet but I’ve started doing some negatives to build strength.  Negatives are when you jump up to the top of the movement and lower yourself in a controlled manner to the bottom of the movement.  The other day I decided to super-set my pull-up negatives with some dips since I was going to work my triceps that day anyway.  I thought I would have to do negatives for dips too but to my surprise, after controlling my descent, I was able to push myself back up!  Before I knew it, I was able to do 3 sets of 5 dips, unassisted… at 240lbs!  Wow!

Cardiovascular training is conducted interval style.  Intervals are when you give an all out effort for about 60 seconds in the middle of an otherwise low intensity cardio workout.  I try to do more than one interval during a 20-30 minute session.  It depends on how my heart rate responds.

I’ve done interval training several ways.  In the beginning I did it on my recumbent trike by just adding a sprint into my ride.  Other times I would do it by skipping rope in the middle of a walk.  My new favorite is to add a sprint into elliptical training at the gym.  Sorry trike, the elliptical machine is my new mistress.


I knew this week would be tough.  I limited myself to upper body work outs because of the knee situation.  The limitations were precautionary but necessary in my opinion.  Somehow I still managed to shave 1/2 inch off my waist, down to 42 inches from the start of 48.

For more information about the system that I am following go to fatlosslifestyle.com

Fat Loss Lifestyle System by Darin Steen


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