Week 2 of 12: Challenges and Why I Bother

July 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

Vince Gironda at 50

Vince Gironda at 50

I gotta tell ya, this week was no picnic! I had a headache for three days, a stye in my eye, a boil on my leg, had a mole removed on my back and did my best to stay hydrated during a full blown heat wave. All of this was exhausting. I missed two of my six workouts. Should I feel guilty about that? Maybe.

This seems like a good point to talk about why I am making these changes in my life, and to my body, in the first place. It’s been a long time coming. Specifically, about a dozen years ago, my health started to catch up with my habits. I started gaining some weight which caused acid re-flux in my sleep, then I was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which was a contributing factor to high blood pressure. I decided to quit smoking, and gained a bunch of weight. My heaviest was 285 pounds on my 5’10” frame. Recently I started taking medication for high cholesterol. It’s been a snowball of health problems that are controlled by medication, but I’ve never believed that medication was the real solution to my problems. Deep down I knew that all of these health problems could be controlled with changes to my lifestyle. Specifically, the old cliche, diet and exercise. I knew what to do, generally, but I didn’t know where to start from where I was. More importantly, I hadn’t made the decision to start learning where to start. Once I made that decision, with real emotional meaning behind it, then I could start.

Why do I do it?

I don’t want to be a statistic. American males now have an expected lifespan of 78 years but our quality of life in our later years is declining. I want to be like my grandfather who worked in a physically active job as a farmer into his 80’s with only a couple of years of decline. I want to see my children grow up and have some successes in life. Then I want to play with my grandchildren, and meet my great grandchildren.  There have already had times in my life when I felt like I was slowly dying and I’m way to young for that.  No more!

A full 60% of Americans are obese. It’s frightening to shop at our local Walmart and watch relatively young people riding around in electric carts, or hobbling, waddling, shuffling around because it’s such a burden to move their bodies enough to simply buy food! I’ve been that guy whose feet hurt so bad at the end of a work day that I couldn’t move off of the couch. It was hell! I won’t do it again!

I don’t want to take medication for the rest of my life. The foods I have eaten have not provided enough nourishment for my body to be healthy without medication. Poor food choices have caused me to retain fat around my organs, the most dangerous place to carry fat. It’s unnecessary and I won’t have it!

I want to look good in my clothes. I want to be able to take off my shirt in public and not be embarrassed. It would be nice for someone to say to me, “You’re looking good! Do you work out?”, and be able to say, “Yes, yes I do.”

So, do I feel guilty for missing a couple of workouts? No, not really. Although I am following a specific program for 12 weeks, the changes I am making to my lifestyle are permanent. I also know that recovery is underrated. Sometimes our bodies need more time to heal than at other times. This week was one of those times. I recognized it and got some extra sleep and took some extra quiet time.  At 46 years young I can’t feel too bad about “only” working out four times this week.


My food intake this week was spot on! My capacity to lift weights has greatly improved! All of my lifting exercises have gone up in weight or repetitions across the board! I haven’t taken my acid reflux medicine since July 7th and I haven’t needed it.

And, my waist went from 46″on July 10th to 45 1/2″ on July 17th! I’m gonna call it a good week!!!

45 1/2"

45 1/2″

For more information about the system that I am following go to fatlosslifestyle.com



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