Week 1of 12: Radical Changes & Results

July 14, 2013 § 9 Comments

Jack Lalanne at 50 years old!

Jack Lalanne at 50 years old!

As stated in my previous post, I started my Fat Loss Lifestyle 12 week program on July 3rd, 2013.  I had started making small changes to my lifestyle three weeks earlier but this program takes things to another level.  The biggest change for me was in the area of nutrition.

I have never paid too much attention to my food.  I suppose, at times, I would consider what I had heard was “healthy” or “not-healthy” when making food choices but it was never planned.  Mostly my choices were based on what looked good or what I knew tasted good to me.  I had also gotten into the habit of searching for a food source when it was time to eat.  This led to convenience and fast food regularly.  The same thing happened when I was thirsty.  Why pay $1.50 for bottled water when a 44oz. Mountain Dew is $0.89, right?

Now I am planning what I am going to eat and when based on my goals.  I’ve switched the foods I eat almost entirely to “whole” foods, most of which comes from the perimeter of the grocery store.  Produce, meats, and some dairy are what I’m talking about.  Exceptions are grains like oats, brown rice, or dense whole grain bread.  This took some adjustment.  In order to get enough calories into my body to support my new athletic lifestyle, I eat six small meals a day.  Each meal includes a source of protein, a fruit or vegetable, and a source of carbohydrate with one or two of the six meals.  I have also discovered whey protein (which I want to discuss in another post) that I find quite yummy!  I assure you, I am not going hungry!

The next biggest change for me was not just exercise but intense exercise!  I lift weights three days a week and cycle three days a week.  It’s a total of 5-6 hours of exercise.  I take Sunday off to recover and refuel.  I haven’t worked out with this kind of regularity since high school!  I wasn’t sure that I could do it but I made it through the first week and I feel strong, energized, and athletic!  It’s fantastic!

So, what are the results of the first week you ask?  To tell you the truth I wasn’t really expecting much.  I mean, how much can happen in the first week, right?  I also stated in my last post that I didn’t want to be a slave to the scale.  The scale only gives one side of the story (like modern news sources,lol) and any plan needs time to work.  A friend suggested that I use my waistline measurement to determine if anything is happening.  That makes good sense to me.

July 3rd, 2013  Waist = 48″

10July13 46in.

July 10th, 2013  Waist = 46″

That’s a full two inches in only 7 days!  WOW!

What do you think it will be next week?

For more information about the system that I am following go to fatlosslifestyle.com

Fat Loss Lifestyle System by Darin Steen


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§ 9 Responses to Week 1of 12: Radical Changes & Results

  • darinsteen says:

    Holy. *hit Grant.. 2 Inches in the first week.. So awesome.. So xcited for you.. Can you share with us a couple of your emotional Leverage statements??

    • Sure Darin. I renew my body for the purpose of retaining the quality of life that I enjoy, now and well into the future. To improve my relationships and my ability to interact with family and friends. To continue to provide for myself and my family, negating the need for charity in the future. My body is a vessel of positive energy, unlimited learning, and boundless love.

  • Cindy says:

    Wow! I’m impressed Grant. Keep it up 🙂

  • You are doing GREAT baby! I noticed last night when I put my arm around you, toning in your belly and less of it! Enjoying the new eating plan with you! Food tastes GREAT, is HEALTHIER, more willing to continue exercising, and you are a good inspiration! And you truly are a vessel of positive energy and boundless love!! I’m proud of you! Hopefully we will be doing work outs together more often 🙂

  • I’d like to sit down more often and create meal plans in advance. It’s easier for me to do the shopping and have food “pre-prepared”. LOVING the healthy snacks in the small containers in the fridge – grab and go!!!

  • Adam Jackson says:

    Good work brother. Sounds like you and I are on very similar nutrition plans. Keep it up.

  • Doreen says:

    You are making great progress! Your face is leaning out and doesn’t look bloated. My hubby and I went through this journey years ago. I still cringe when I see my before pix. Learn a little about our journey at http://www.TheBionicaChronicles.blogspot.com.

    Looking forward to your next update!


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