Body Composition: I lost 9 pounds! What happened?

July 7, 2013 § 2 Comments

When I started this experiment, I didn’t keep any records.  I just changed a few things here and there as I went along.  A little more sleep, a little exercise, a little better food, and a little more water were about the extent of it.  I started consciously making these changes on June 14th, 2013.  It was the same day I bought and read Getting Old Sucks! by Darin Steen.  

On that day when I stepped on the scale it read 255 pounds which, according to Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculators and Hight/Weight Charts, makes me obese.  Those resources say I should weigh 150-185 pounds.


On July 3rd, I officially started the Fat Loss Lifestyle System, also by Darin Steen.  

Fat Loss Lifestyle System by Darin SteenStep one was to take some measurements to determine my body composition.  That way, in 6 weeks and in 12 weeks, I will know how my body changed.  

I stepped on the scale.  The display read 246.8 pounds.  My first thought was, “Hooray!  I lost 8 pounds!”  

Then I used an Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Caliper to perform a single-site skin fold body fat test. Accu-Measure Personal Body Fat Caliper It took some practice, but once I got a consistent measurement, I used the included chart and determined that my body-fat percentage was 22.4% or 55.3lbs.  According to the chart 22.4% for a man my age is in the ideal range.  Really?!?  The other charts say I’m not just overweight, but obese!?

Now it’s time for a little math.  With a scale weight of 246.8 pounds, multiplied by 22.4% equals 55.3 pounds of body fat.  That leaves 191.5 pounds of lean body mass!  

scale weight – body fat = lean body mass  (246.8 – 55.3 = 191.5)

I felt betrayed but empowered!  Has the medical community been lying to me?  Have I been beating myself up over my weight, when the fact is, I will never fit onto their charts without loosing muscle?  I don’t want to loose muscle!  I want to gain muscle!  I immediately thought, “What did I loose in the 20 days between June 14th and July 3rd?  Was it fat or was it muscle?”  I’m determined that I will never ask that question again.  I will no longer use the scale as the only measure of my health.  

So, here are my goals.  Over the course of this 12 week program I will loose half of my body fat (27.5lbs) and gain 9 pounds of muscle.  This would put me at a tidy 12% body fat.

228 lbs scale weight X 12% body fat = 27.5 body fat + 200.5 lean body mass = 228 lbs scale weight

Obese?  I think not!  Doable?  In my mind, it’s already done!



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§ 2 Responses to Body Composition: I lost 9 pounds! What happened?

  • Darin Steen says:

    Wow.. what a good idea to put pressure on yourself by blogging Grant.. Doing small little things long term is the best approach.. I am soo happy for you.. investing in yourself with this program.. In my 13 years of being a full time Fitness Professional.. I have only seen 3-5 people put themselves in front of people like this.. I predict you will shatter your goals.. Remember Grant.. our first waistline/goal check in tomorrow night at Coach Dean Cappels…

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